ESPN’s E:60 “Lord of the Ring” feature on Vince McMahon and WWE recap: Vince comments on his rough childhood, launching WrestleMania, steroids, and the Benoit family tragedy

ESPN’s E:60 “Lord of the Ring” feature on Vince McMahon and WWE recap: Vince comments on his rough childhood, launching WrestleMania, steroids, and the Benoit family tragedy

And this is simply updating that character to the present day. A full minute of Jim Cornette rapping Cena’s Basic Thuganomics, beginning to end. I assume Bruce was given a heads up that this request was coming, but I hope it just worked out this way. Bruce says Vince was won over by Cena’s displays of power, whether it be barefoot squats at the gym or slamming guys like Rikishi and Big Show in the ring.

Following his switch from WWE to TNA in 2006, Angle’s relationship with his first wife become more strained as he struggled with an addiction to prescription drugs. Sunny has admitted to having a nine-month affair with Shawn Michaels in the mid-90s, and numerous wrestlers have expressed their bafflement that Candido continued to stick by her side. It did lead to a great feud between the two, and the birth of the ‘Rated R Superstar’ version of Edge, but it took its toll emotionally on all involved. Matt Hardy is now married to Reby Sky and Edge married fellow wrestler, Beth Phoenix.

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Bruce says Cena passed all his drug tests upon signing the contract and was at the Staples Center in LA when he first happened upon Vince McMahon. A horrified Vince approached Bruce and said “Get that walking, talking steroid billboard out of our backstage! Bruce grew to know Cena on car rides when Bruce was scouting talent. Although he hated the Prototype gimmick, he loved John.

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  • Bruce says Cena called him after receiving his contract and told him his dad was proud when he got a football scholarship but that he cried when he received his WWF contract.
  • JBL is mentioned as one of the guys they were trying to get to step up at that point.

Bruce tells a side story about how the Connecticut cemetery they’d been using since the ’80s to film such things later made headlines when it was revealed they were stacking bodies. TIL stacking bodies is a thing that sketchy cemeteries may do and possibly get in trouble for. Cena spent the winter going over guys like Rikishi and Chuck Palumbo on Smackdown before getting paired up with Eddie Guerrero. Cena is then wrestling Chavo Guerrero on Velocity and his role is being scaled down.

‘Vince made the initial assumption that I think everybody made when they saw John,’ Bruce Prichard said.

Paul Heyman pitched the idea as a way to sprinkle Taker-dust on Cena. Prichard on the recent Something To Wrestle podcast said that McMahon initially was not happy with Cena’s signing to the WWE. He said McMahon was opposed to Cena working in the company because the latter suspected the wrestler of being on steroids when they first met each other.

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Bruce says this is the only time in his entire career he ever overslept and missed a flight. Bruce mentions that the original plan was to have Cena mix it up with an actual rapper during the show. Both LL Cool J and Snoop Dogg were discussed for the segment, but nothing worked out.

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The idea to wear them was his and they went with it. OVW, at the time Cena arrived was used as a training ground for WWE. Jim Ross was big on Cena from the time he signed him.

He’s dressed head to toe in a white jumpsuit and heeling on the crowd. He mentions how he’s not on the show, but that next year (2004) he’ll be headlining. As we discussed earlier, it didn’t quite work out that way, though he did open WrestleMania XX in a featured match.

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