• Size 10, 16, 25
  • Component series 1X
  • Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
  • Maximum flow 870 l/min


Installation positionany, preferably horizontal
Ambient temperature range°C-20 … +50
Storage temperature range°C-20 … +80
Weightwith “D3”kg9.514.221.4
Sine test according to DIN EN 60068-2-610 cycles, 10…2000.. 10 Hz with logarithmic frequency changing speed of 1 octave/min, 5 to 57 Hz, amplitude 1.5 mm (p-p), 57 to 2000 Hz, amplitude 10g, 3 axes
Noise test according to DIN EN 60068-2-6420…2000 Hz, amplitude 0.05g2/Hz (10gRMS) 3 axes, testing time 30 min per axis
Shock test according to DIN EN 60068-2-27Half-sine 15g / 11 ms, 3 times in positive and 3 times in negative direction per axis, 3 axes
Damp heat according to DIN EN 60068-2-30Variant 2: +25 °C … +55 °C, 90 % … 97 % relative humidity, 2 cycles á 24 hours


Maximum operating pressurebar350
Maximum operating pressurePort Pbar315350
Anschluss Abar315350
Port Bbar315350
Operating pressure rangeExternal pilot oil supplybar30 … 100
Pilot control valve without “D3”, internal pilot oil returnbar30 … 100
Internal pilot oil supplybar100 … 315
Maximum return flow pressurePort T, external pilot oil returnbar315250
Port T, internal pilot oil returnbar30
Port Ybar30
Maximum flowl/min170460870
Pilot flowinput signal 0 → 100%Port X and Yl/min3.55.57
Pilot volumeswitching process 0 → 100%cm³1.74.610
Hydraulic fluidsee table
Hydraulic fluid temperature range°C-20 … +80
preferably°C-40 … +50
Viscosity rangemm²/s20 … 380
preferablymm²/s30 … 46
Maximum admissible degree of contamination of the hydraulic fluid, cleanliness class according to ISO 4406 (c) 1)Pilot control valveClass 18/16/13 according to ISO 4406 (c)
Main valveClass 20/18/15 according to ISO 4406 (c)
Hysteresis%≤ 6
1)The cleanliness classes specified for the components must be adhered to in hydraulic systems. Effective filtration prevents faults and simultaneously increases the life cycle of the components. For the selection of the filters, see www.boschrexroth.com/filter.


Voltage typeDirect voltage
Command value overlap%20
Maximum solenoid currentA2.5
Maximum current consumptionof the amplifierA1.8
of the amplifier (impulse current)A3
Solenoid coil resistanceCold value at 20 °CΩ2
Maximum hot valueΩ3
Actuated time%100
Maximum coil temperature 1)°C+ 150
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529IP65 (If a suitable and a correctly mounted mating connector are used.)
Power supplyV24
Supply voltage rangeV19,4 … 35
Command value input“A1”V± 10
Command value input range“F1”mA4 … 20
1)Due to the surface temperatures occurring at the solenoid coils, the European standards ISO 13732-1 and EN 982 need to be adhered to.