Check valve Type Z1S

  • Size 10
  • Component series 4X
  • Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
  • Maximum flow 100 l/min
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Installation positionany
Ambient temperature range°C-20 … +80


Maximum operating pressurebar350
Cracking pressurebar0.5 / 3 / 5
Maximum flowl/min100
Hydraulic fluidsee table
Hydraulic fluid temperature range 1)°C-20 … +80
Viscosity rangemm²/s2.8 … 500
Maximum admissible degree of contamination of the hydraulic fluid, cleanliness class according to ISO 4406 (c) 2)Class 20/18/15
1)At the valve working ports
2)The cleanliness classes specified for the components must be adhered to in hydraulic systems. Effective filtration prevents faults and simultaneously increases the life cycle of the components. For the selection of the filters, see
Hydraulic fluidClassificationSuitable sealing materialsStandardsData sheet
Mineral oilsHL, HLP, HLPD, HVLP, HVLPDNBR, FKMDIN 5152490220
Bio-degradableInsoluble in waterHETGNBR, FKMISO 1538090221
Soluble in waterHEPGFKMISO 15380
Flame-resistantWater-freeHFDUFKMISO 1292290222
Containing waterHFC (Fuchs Hydrotherm 46M, Petrofer Ultra Safe 620)NBRISO 1292290223
Important information on hydraulic fluids:

  • For more information and data on the use of other hydraulicfluids, please refer to the data sheets above or contact us.
  • There may be limitations regarding the technical valve data (temperature, pressure range, life cycle, maintenance intervals, etc.).
  • The ignition temperature of the hydraulic fluid used must be 50 K higher than the maximum surface temperature.
  • Flame-resistant – containing water:
  • Maximum pressure differential per control edge 50 bar
  • Pressure pre-loading at the tank port > 20 % of the pressure differential, otherwise increased cavitation
  • Life cycle as compared to operation with mineral oil HL, HLP 50 … 100%.
  • Bio-degradable and flame-resistant – containing water: If this hydraulic fluid is used, small amounts of dissolved zinc may get into the hydraulic system.