Phase shifter

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Applications of Phase Shifting

  • Printing Machine
  • Packaging machines
  • Weaving Machines
  • Paper making plant
  • Paper Processing plant

In practical application one can distinguish three possibilities

Adjustment operation Speed superimposition

This refers to the change of the output rotation over a longer period of time

Emergency operation

Incase the main drive fails , a limited amount of movement of the output shaft can be achieved through driving the worm shaft

Where to Use it

Developed and manufactured for economic use in demanding industrial appliacations

  • Universallly usuable
  • easy to fit and adaptable
  • easy to design and restore it
  • saves cost

How it works

The speed superimposition gearbox or phase shifter is basically a planetary gearbox with one difference; namely that the outer ring can be rotated through a worm drive. Depending on the direction of rotation of outer ring then the output rotation is added to or subtracted from.