Technical datas :

    • Superimposing a rotating motion

Through driving the worm shaft ‘d5’ an additional rotation can be added or subtracted from the output speed. Also by simply rotating the worm shaft by a defined amount , a rotation angle can be added to or subtracted from the output rotation (Phase shifting) The worm drive is self locking.

    • Superimposition of rotation to the output shaft ‘d4’

To Achieve one additional revolution of the output shaft ‘d4’ the worm shaft ‘d5’ must do the following number of turns as in table below

    • Superimposition rotation onto d1-d2-d3 (input shaft)

The number of necessary turns on the worm wheel d5 are in the case reduced in the ration of the gearbox ratio

n5 = Table Value / i (rotation)

Example : Number of necessary turns on the worm shaft d5 until an additional full rotation on the input shaft d1 is achieved

n5 = Table Value /i = 123/-3 = 41 (rotation)

Model NONo of Turns on the Worm Shaft to rotate shaft d4 onceMaximum permissible worm shaft speed fr d5 (RPN)Torque needs for super manufacture as worm shaft ‘d5’
PHVG 25124,5 Turns14405NM
PHV 35123 ,,144010NM
PHV 42123 ,,144019NM
PHV 60136.5 ,,144045NM