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The most laborious part of the process was applying wallpaper around the space—Clark chose peel and stick, so it’ll come off easily when or if she wants to take it down. “It’s super easy but requires attention and patience,” she adds. The typical cost of converting a bedroom to a closet will vary depending on the project size, quality, and complexity. A DIY closet can cost as little as $200 to $5,000 for materials alone, while a high-end custom closet installed by a pro can run to $5,000 or more. Your final design and building process will depend on how much customization you need.

Is MDF good for closets?

MDF may sometimes sag, so make sure you don't use this material for your closet shelves. If you must, then don't put anything heavy on MDF shelves. Plywood, although stronger than MDF, may require reinforcements, especially when used for closet shelving.

Plus, I figured I could always had a cooling unit and a real door later, if needed. With respect to temperature changes, I have a few things in my favor.

DIY A Canopy Bed

The good news is most of us don’t need all these things! An average person might spend $400 on this project. So, you’ve determined that your closet will make a good pantry.

  • For a DIY desk, lay a piece of pre-cut wood across two filing cabinets.
  • In more public areas of a house, it can give unexpected visual interest to the room.
  • Pantries need to be cool in temperature, ideally under 70° F.
  • Attach them permanently by opening the drawers and driving four 1-1/4-in.
  • First, clean the entire window and dress it with an attractive window treatment that looks good from outside, since it will still be seen from the exterior.
  • The door and any windows must be perfectly sealed to keep those conditions stable.

These systems are attached to the wall but also include floor supports. Made of wood or particleboard panels covered with melamine, they provide a high-end and custom feel to your room. A professional can install these systems in about four to six weeks, although custom jobs can take longer. These systems are affixed to the wall or hung from a rail mounted on the wall.

How to Turn a Closet Into an Office

Tell us the style, size, budget, and other details and we will design a custom wine cellar for you. Whether you’re interested in a custom-designed closet, office, convert closet to office pantry, or garage, starting your project couldn’t be easier. Just fill out the attached form or give us a call to schedule your free in-home design consultation.

converting a closet

Here are some handpicked cloffice ideas that will help to create your own happy workspace. Instead, transform a closet into an organized toolshed, any handy homeowner’s dream. Your favorite tools will be easily accessible for quick household fixes, and easily stored afterward. Remove closet doors and use a hammer and pry bar first to remove the door frame and trim.

#4 A Reach-in ‘Cloffice’

Investing in a circular saw, or even renting one, is unnecessary for this project. Your local hardware store, especially if it’s one of the larger chains, should be able to cut your wood to size for you. If your closet doesn’t fit those requirements, don’t worry. There are still options for you, like a freestanding pantry, and we’ll touch on some of those towards the end of this post. If your closet doesn’t have an overhead light, install one. We recommend battery-operated LED lights that are simple to stick on or screw in.

  • Stallings left one closet shelf in place to stow soft items like bedding, stuffed toys, and off-season clothing, since the family lives in an area prone to earthquakes.
  • Our design and build team will walk you through the whole process with ease.
  • Remove closet doors and use a hammer and pry bar first to remove the door frame and trim.

We pride ourselves on providing quality work that is on time and budget. Our wine cellar design experts are waiting to turn your custom wine cellar dream into a reality.

How to Convert Closets into Built-In Shelves

I will say, though, that the tighter the tolerances, the easier it’s going to be to finish the drywall later. In some areas, my measurements were nearly perfect, so covering the seams was easy. In other areas, I had a few large gaps and it seemed to take forever to properly fill the gaps and smooth it over. To borrow from Wikipedia, R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. The bigger the number, the better the building insulation’s effectiveness.

If I was to do it again, I would build the frame from inside the closet, rather than fabricate it and try to install whole. Of course, I’m writing this website after the fact. The one thing I would definitely do differently is I would have blown in insulation into the existing walls and ceiling before building my new walls. This would have easily increased my R-Value by at least another R-10. Apparently, at Lowe’s, if you buy the blow-in insulation, they’ll loan you the blower for free. Before I started sketching out what my wine closet was going to look like, I did some “back of the envelope” budgeting.

Determine Your Shelving Needs

I cut out sections of the drywall so it would fit snugly around the the wall framing. I don’t know if that’s necessary, but I decided that any material added to the ceiling would help with insulation. Again, because I had measured everything before installing the vapor barrier, my frame was a tad big for the space. Also, trying to rotate frame into the closet was exceedingly difficult because I was using 2x6s. My wife patiently stood by while I screamed obscenities at the world. For whatever reason, my pain was her entertainment.

So more careful consideration of the space is needed if you are starting with a 3 bedroom home. If you are starting with a four or five bedroom home, your options for creating a great walk-in closet space are far less limited. If you don’t have enough room in your pantry, then make another one!

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