Mill Duty Thruster Brake (Manufacturer Of Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brake)

Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co.,Ltd

Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Electro hydraulic Thruster Brake. Our mill duty Thruster Brakes are suitable for 400/440 Volts, 3 Phase A.C. supply for a wide range of drum sizes, from 100mm to 800 mm dia. Higher sizes can also be supplied against specific requirements. The brake is applied by the tension of the compressed springs mounted vertically between the thruster and brake lever. The thruster rods are connected with the brake by means of an angle lever. As the piston travels upwards the angle lever turns, pushes the brake rod and compresses the brake spring. Simultaneously, the brake lever on the other side of the wheel (Brake Drum) is retracted….

The brake lever at the thruster begins to move when the first lever reaches the stop on the brake base member The thruster and the brake are so adjusted as to reserve about 1/3 of the stroke for compensation of the wear of the brake linings.

Thruster brakes are suitable for:

  • Supply Brake Drum Diameter-100-800 MM
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Reverse action version available
  • Self adjusting lining wear mechanism
  • Hydraulic / pneumatic actuator
  • Gentle action, simple control, high performance.

Product Details:

Drum Diameter100mm,150,,200mm,250mm,300mm
Phase3 phase
Ambient Temperature70
Mounting Positionvertical
Oil Capacity2.5 leter
Frequency50 hz/60HZ
Drum Size100mm to 800 mm dia
Braking torque40Nm-12500Nm