MWJ Screw Jacks (Metric series)

Gears and Gear Drives ( India) Pvt .LtdHiTork
  • CLASSIC Model MWJ.
  • 15 Different Sizes.
  • Lifting Capacities 5kN TO 1500kN.
  • Drive Motor Speed up to 1500 rpm.
  • Self Locking Trapezoidal Screw.
  • Worm Gear in two ratios, Nominal and Slow.
  • Top and Bottom Guide bushes for Lifting Screw.
  • Worm Wheel hobbed for optimum blue contact.
  • Filled with NLGI EP 1 or 2 grade grease.
  • Worm Shaft Case carburized Steel, hardened and ground thread profile.
  • Trapezoidal Screw Shaft Cr-Mo Steel, hardened & tempered.
  • Housing Alloy aluminum for 5 and 10 kN, all higher sizes in SG Iron.
  • Worm Wheel and travelling nut in Aluminium Bronze.