Pin Bush & Tyre Coupling

Flexocon India

Flexocon Pin bush type flexible Couplings are of the cushioned drive type, transmitting the torque, through high Tensile bolts to the machine input shafts. Special Rubber Compounds are used in bushes so that it can absorb slight misalignments, tensional vibration and shock loads. The flanges are made of high grade cast iron. For special applications cast steel flanges are also manufactured.

Flexocon offer 20 standard models of Pin bush coupling with rating range from 0.81 KW to 249 KW at 100 rpm.

Flexocon also manufacture Pin bush type Brake Dum cum flexible couplings of different diameter to suit standard as well as non standard brakes.


  No lubrication required.
  Accommodates misalignments.
  Damps out vibration.
  Reversing resiliency against shocks.
  Easy installation and removal.